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LSR MTS +3 suspension in stock

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Guys and girls,

I don't know how many they have but I just bought a +3 LSR suspension from TMWoffroad.com. There website is kind of not useful but the phone number is there to call.

Anyone who wants one and doesn't want to wait should call them up.
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So what did that set you back?
Their retail price is $2500 powdercoated.
Their retail price is $2500 powdercoated.
does that include shocks to???
No doesn't include the shocks. I bought the Bilsteins from LSracing. Their setup specifically for that suspension set. They retail for $1295 I think but Greg at LSR will give 10% discount.
We carry the MTS kit for $2,200.00 Powder Coated Silver w/o shocks if anyone interested
do you guys still have a kit in stock?? i get hit up daily for them, and didn't know anyone still had them in stock.. let me know.. and i will send em your way. cause they are gonna have a long wait with us direct.
Greg, I got 1 MTS kit in silver left with Bilstiens, than I am out of all LSR suspension. Johnny said he called to get a few more, just havent seen or heard any thing else from him on it. We are out of cages too. Need to get some more stuff.
I may have a slightly used one to sell with ELKA's... :)
Damn,,,,time to go into business making suspension parts!!
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