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Light glare down on windshield

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I have a jstrong roof with 4 lights mounted infront of roof. The lights reflect down on the windshield causing a significant glare. I have some black deflector on bottom of lights. Have any of you had or solved this problem that you could share you solution?


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i had the same probem,, just put some hid headlights in and u dont need the ones on top
Expo: How 'bout running a 4" windshield tint 'banner' across the top ?

How 'bout sunglasses ! Creative aren't I ? {;-)~
I'm trying to figure how it would glare on your windshield. You can't actually see the light from your seating position right so the "glare" is from the windshield itself? Is it because it is scratched? If that's the case, you might have to upgrade the headlights to hd's like mentioned prior.
Sorry if I'm misunderstanding you, but a clear windshield shouldn't glare.
X your pretty funny.. You crack me up! memer the song I wear my sunglasses at night!
Have HID headlights, and lights on top are HID.. yes I think I might black out top flap on windshield.

Yes there are some of the normal wind/ dust scratches etc..going to try some Mcguires plastic polish to see if that works

Honda- it is not the headlights that are glaring it is the lights on top above the windsheild that are glaring.
Expo: I have a spare windshield lying around here somewhere...

Not sure how many pieces it's in (Yet). * chuckle *

The only other solution I can think of is a cupped shield of some sort below the lamps or a full valance under the lights.

A pumpkin pie plate comes to mind. No wait... Scratch that idea. I was thinking of Thanksgiving dinner desert.

I'll get back to ya... Gobble Gobble...
What pattern are you HIDs, Euro or pencils?
I have the same setup and complaints with my jstrong top lights ....the windshield glare doesn't bother me near as much as the light cast down on the front half of my silver hood .....it's so lit up that it's blinding...definitely needs shrouds under all 4 lights to be usable for me

sent by my constipated soon-to-be-on-the-river-bottom Droid I
Honda- it is not the headlights that are glaring it is the lights on top above the windsheild that are glaring.
I am aware of that. You still cannot see the top light from your seat, can you?
You might need to fabricate a piece of black plastic that covers/shrouds the bottom of the lights.
I have converted the lights to HID ( wide beam) although had the same problem with the lights when they were halogen. I am going to night to fabricate a black shield for the top of windshield when it is up. ( no problem when it is down lol)
I think 'blacking out" the folded over top of windshield will help solve the problem. I have some black ABS sheathing that would do the trick I am thinking.
I looked back at your picture and blacking out that lip would do it! Black duct tape would even work.
hey guys. I did a little experiment this evening. I used a flat strip of ABS plastic 1/8 by 40 x 5". I tucked the strip between my lights and the top lip on windscreen. I pushed it foward until 1.5" extended beyond the top lip of windshield which then shielded windscreen from the top light. You could see the shadow move down on the windshield as I moved the valance out. I am thinking I will get a vinyl hinge (23.00) and install the vlance lay flat on the black metal when windshield is down and lift up and put on top of the windshield lip that would hold it upright in place only when windshield is up. Now is to order the hinge unless someone has a better Idea?
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