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Since there is an engine forum here, lets get some input on some engine parts. I know the first motor mod that I will do will be a cam. I currently have a Hot Cam in my quad and have tried out both the Stage 2 and 3 for the 450trx.

I have done alot of reading on all the different cams for my quad. And I like the fact that the Hot Cam are easier on the valve train compared to Web Cams. The Webs have a steaper ramp when opening the valves which in turn is harder on your springs and valves for that matter. Now that did pertain to the Honda 450trx.

I am going to do some head work on the Rhino, just like I did on my quad. I would like to do all the head work at once, but I am waiting on some new valves to come out which I am going hoping to put in both my quad and the Rhino. But the quad will get these for sure. Just not sure if they will make these for the Yamaha 660 motor. Enough rambling now...

Pretty much in asking people what cam they have used most people say the Hot Cam Mudbuster. But I know there are others out there.

So who has tried what cam and what results did you like about the cam???
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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