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Hey Bri, I am in the South Bay, which is Torrance area.... I am an hour from Elsinore. I'm close to LOng Beach area kinda.... Practice is from early tuesdays til ?.... and race inspection just changed. Must run a winow net and optional wrist restraints. At least half doors, and stock clas can't run cdi, carb, or a few other things. You may find outdated info on PodiumProductions.com, or pics and maybe other info on UTVRACINGASSOCIATION.COM.... Hope it helps. If you have long travel, auto. in mod class with the big bores, and cdi's, carb......
You were able to run dual shocks until last race, now only single per corner, so all you bi-pass guys need to rethink your plan. I was just about to go out and get bipasses all 4 corners. Glad I didn;t spend that paperwork!
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