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also change the gear oil in the frt and rear diffs regulerly. better a-arm guards on the frt. frt and rear a-arm braces and extra diff mounting bracket, utv inc has the braces and bracket. the braces add support to the frame and the braces keep the diffs in place better and help to stop the frame from breaking. the jbs sheave first though, you wont believe the improvement over stock. it will give you so much more torque on the bottom end. you might want to consider a pwr steering unit also, second best upgrade i've done. jbs sheave is first. the p/s unit i have is a unisteer, works awesome so far. took all the kickback out. its a real joy to drive now, only need 1 hand no matter what. thats all i can think of now. do the mantinence and your rhino will do what you want it to. not the fastest machine but mine has tackled everthing so far, and always gets me home.
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