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So i am running the 686 kit from trinity.. i have a blown headgasket. Turns out, they do an o-ring head gasket mod to it, but mine blew because the head bolts weren't hardly tight. It took nothing to get them loose. So i am doing an ARP head stud modification, and that will keep that top end together! It was blown before the turbo went on. So now i should be able to run all day long with no issues. Then we can turn up the boost a little, and see what it can really do!

It should be back together monday, with a new clutch too.. keep your fingers crossed.


You'll see us racing up Olds for sure!

You should never need to retorque headstuds if they are done properly the first time. This goes for a 25hp motor or a 1650hp motor.
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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