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Hi, I'm new to the site, recently purchased a 2006 660 Rhino.
I hadn't owned one before, so I'm not sure if shifting into gears is usually kind of clunky, or if it's supposed to be smooth.
After using it a couple of times I would try to put it in gear, but it would grind, and not go in. I became aware that this is probably a high idle issue. So for the rest of the day I used it I would just put it in gear when off, and then start it in gear. Until I adjust the idle I was fine with this. And it worked.

However, Right before I decided to start doing this, I had it on and shifted it into a gear, the shift lever went into the gear, but it would make an odd pinging/gear noise. I didn't give it gas because it just didn't sound right. I tried twice more and then shut it off. I then put it in gear when off, started it with no noise and it ran fine the rest of the day.

That seemed odd to me that had happened. Am I just being too focused, and it's just the high idle. Or could that be a sign of a different issue waiting to make things worse?

Thanks for any help
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