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I know nothing about Drive clutch, but I am learning every day. I have put a Drive Clutch on my 22 hp Honda engine. But my usage of this set up is different then anything you may have seen. This unit, is a modified Yamaha golf cart. 1979 G1. I have lowered it to the lowest possible height. I DRIVE this unit from the top of the trailer, by wire. I drive clutch is installed with a "PINK" spring. When testing, the clutch engages fast, but at idle, it does not disengage all the way. I will be going only a max speed of 5 mph, as it will only be used for parades. NOW MY Question...What color spring and number should I use for parades. The float comes in at a max weight of 5000 lbs. So I would like to run my Honda engine at the lowest rpm, to move the float at about 2 to 5 mph. I am hoping you can understand my issue. I need someone that can tell me what to buy



as being in a parade does not pay well, and I don't want to go thru 20 different springs
I have a pink one now, but don't know the numbers on it. Help please.
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