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email [email protected]

thanks :)

HPI Savage 4wd 3 speed gas monster truck! Runs perfectly! I have run about 10 tanks through it since broken in. It has a few scratchs on it from being on its roof, but is otherwise perfect, and hauls ass! Comes with everything from the factory plus some. Box, Manual, Parts, Radio, starter, and battery, and bad ass rechargeable on board batteries!


Mugen Seiki MX2 touring race car. 2 speed tranny w/ Nova Rossi .12 and bump starter! The car also has 2 of the best servos money could buy 2 years ago! Rechargeable on board battery included. also comes with 2 bodies. one Nissan Skyline, and one Dodge something or another. I forget. I'll throw in a radio and a reciever with this one as well! Buyer will need a glow plug ignitor, and a 12v power source for the bump starter.


I have more to post when photobucket is back up!


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A bunch of stock rhino stuff:
steering wheel
seat latches
seat belts
roll cage (black)
2 rear wheels
radiator and fan
idiot light panel
complete air box
center caps
tail gate latches

Make offers. I'll take gas money for any of this stuff!

Like new 1/2" Snap On ratchet, as well as many sets of standard sockets, and impact sockets, from 1/4" to 1/2" drives!


Checker fog lights. I was going to use these for backup lights but decided not to run any.


Greddy oil catch can.


Home work out bench


Kenneth Cole watch


GM seirra or silverado 1500 04+ SuperChips programmer
GM 05+ Seirra Silverado Periphreal Ipod Interface that maintains use of steering wheel controls

Yamaha WR250 /450 03 Works connection radiator braces. May work on yz.....

Hitachi VCR w/ remote and manual

New Live Nudes Neon sign

Brand new Coleman propane stove with electric start


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R U sellling all this stuff just to buy more Rhino parts? :D

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what does bump mean?

It means to bump it up to the front of the "new post" list ..... By adding a response it bumps it up to the top of the list.
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