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Hi All. New here, but been lurking for a while now. I have an '06 660 I use for play and hunting. Right now I have 6 55w PIAA's added as well as an electric fuel pump, and stereo, all connected to an aux battery through a fuse block. Running a Sure Power isolator/separator to keep the stock electrical system isolated. The question is.....HO Stator, or Alternator tied to the aux batt only? Stock stator just not big enough. Ive read all the threads on the subject, but still cant make up my mind. I know there are some on here who are huge fans of the alternator set up, but we dont have dunes down here in Alabama, and this thing gets run in water 2-4 feet deep at times, and I'm looking for some insight as to how well the alternator set up would work under those conditions. Wet belt, submerged alternator....
Please keep in mind, this isn't a racer, and not built for show. Its mostly a working machine and STAYS either wet, muddy, fully submerged, or a combination of all three.
Thanks for the input.
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