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Hey Thundebolt, we are going to Toll booth on the Coqahalla Lakes area for New Years, Camping with a bunch of friends. See you on the trails forsure. Want to check out any good places.
Lots of good riding up in that area when the snow is gone! I like the Larson Hill area which you can get to from the Lakes, although I camp at Larson Hill and head out from there.

This weekend is a "Rhino work" weekend; tomorrow I'm helping a buddy put his tires on his new beadlocks and swap in his new sheave, and Saturday I'm heading down to Sumas WA to pick up my beadlocks and tires. Trying to use the snow season to get all the work done so that we're not wrenching when the weather is nice.

I'll send you a note when we're heading out next. Some pics of our rigs at http://flyingrhinos.ca

Have a great New Years!
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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