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Hello all,
I'm new to the forums, looked at it alot and now finally joined.
I hoping someone can shed light on an oil issue I have, recently I changed the seal where the rear driveshaft comes out of the motor because I had a leak, I'm pretty mechanical, so with the manual I wasn't afraid to tackle it. I replaced the seal, checked yolk for burs and grooves, all looked fine. I reassemble, do oil and filter change, fire it up run it 5-10 minutes, all seems fine. Come back out to the garage next morning to an oil puddle the size of a paper plate, I went underneath and sure enough, oil drip hanging by rear yolk. Is there something I'm not understanding? I have a hard time believing the original seal was bad and the new Yamaha seal is also bad.
Thanks in advance for any help, this thing has me stumped
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