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I had lunch with a buddy of mine today and I was telling him about the Rhino Idea, he said a friend of his went out to ocotillo a couple of weeks ago and this girl was riding around {not wearing a helmet} by their campsite she was supposedly doing about 30 mph and somehow lost contro of the thing and flipped it on its side, anyways she hit her head really hard and ended up dying :( I am thinking Im going to wearing one of those half helmets when I get one ! even if it does look stupid....actually I think it would look smart !.

Anyways this girl was about seventeen years old. I dont know if I will be letting my kids ride this thing, at least not without me in it. I guess this girl made real hard right turn or something to make this thing flip over, i dont know, it really sucks ! and sad when you hear these stories, but Im still getting one but, going to put alot of time into feeling this thing out and testing
its limits on turns and stuff. Are these things really as tipsy as everyone says they are ?
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