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Hello everyone.
My wife and I sovesem recently bought a 2011 Yamaha Rhino 700.
Vehicle Hood Wheel Tire Motor vehicle
We travel a lot and have our own video blog on YouTube " YouTube ". As you nover know, Russia is a piece of ice on planet earth. We have few roads and many bears!)
Every weekend we go somewhere to shoot a new video.
Automotive parking light Tire Wheel Car Vehicle
We decided to buy Rhino in order to get to the most remote places. For example, when for a long time we went to the taiga to look at rock paintings, which are two thousand years old .It was cold and we had to walk about 20 kilometers. But we got there, took off and came back.
We will be glad if you watch us.
Sorry for my English.
My main question is - did anyone put a stove in Rhino? I have already ordered a cab. I want it to be warm inside.
All good!
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