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1. Papa Bear (Reservations made) 1
2. Bill & Debbie (Reservations made) 2
3. Mike & Debbie (Li'l Red) (Reservations made) 2

4. RED RZR (Reservations Made) 1
5. Beach Leo & Wife
6. Maddmaxx & ?
7. X-Racer and Wife (To be made 11-7-11)
8. Tomcav & Wife (Reservations Made) 2
9. Red RZR's Friend and Wife (Reservations Made) 2
10. Breven & Deb (Reservations made) 2

Two more in this group to confirm and we will take reservation until they run out of room, so if your on the fence we are getting down to the last places to fill!


Make your plans for the trip of the year and maybe the trip of a life time!

One week on the North Rim of the Grand Canyon!

347 Posts
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Okay on May 1st we will be traveling to the Casa Blanca Hotel and Resort for our first night out! May 2nd (Wednesday) 2012 until Tuesday the 8th! We would leave Mesquite NV Wednesday May 2nd at 8:00am and arrive at the Bar10 for lunch! We would spend Wednesday night (2nd), through Monday night at the Bar10! (6 nights) Leaving back for Mesquite NV on Tuesday Morning (8th) and go to the Devil's Throat and Grand wash, then back to the Casino late afternoon! Also we are limited to 20 SXS max! So get on the list and you will be asked to put a deposit down for the Bar10 and The Casa Blanca Casino H & R! So that is 6 nights at the Bar10 and 2 nights at the Casa Blanca! If anyone needs to leave early please let us know and we will give you a map and directions back, but we must know, and the Bar10 must know!
Sarah Christensen
Bar 10 Ranch, Inc.
P.O. Box 910088
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