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So my head gasket is toast, my valves are toast, and my clutch is toast.

I gotta throw out huge props for some of our local AZ rhino suppliers!

A huge thanks to Ryan at WOTM, (www.wotm.com) for getting me some oversized valves instantly.

A huge thanks to Kelly at PDM, (www.pdmaz.com) for fixing my head and clutch issues, with pretty much zero waiting.

And finally a huge thanks to John and the Boys at Racers Edge (520-631-0797) in Tucson, for doing a valve job, installing the new valves and dual valve springs for me tonight. I found out the valves were toast at 4pm this afternoon, and i had a re-worked head with new oversized valves and springs by 7:30pm, and was on my way back to Tempe!

Now if that isn't service, i don't know what is. It's looking very promising to be out shredding some sand this weekend!

Thanks guys!


I'm glad we could help Greg. I want to get your Rhino out with mine asap!!!!

I can't wait for this weekend but I'm not too sure how much time we'll be in the Rhinos:)

It should also be noted no one in AZ did Gregs previous head work!
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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