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I am a fox sponsored rider which if i ran elkas they would not like it but i dont think they would kick me out either but i can get my fox for less than half the elkas.
Fox has hi and lo speed compression and rebound available also.
I do not want to run spacers,
so to get this right the 5/2 wheels are widening the sxs correct?
If i am going to run spacers or wider wheels id rather get a wider kit and do what the rzr guys do and get wheels that narrow the SXS,
the Rhino is 56.6 in wide I know they make some zero offset wheels, that rzr guys use and they narrow your SXS up by 3 inches, I know its what Rath Runs.

I want to run as long of arms I can and do something like that to narrow it up, as opposed to running +3 s and spacers,

quick ? I am bad with this does the 5-2 off set widen your quad, what offset comes factory on a rhino? for example my quad came with 3/2 offset wheels and i run +1 a-arms and 4-1 offset wheels and it is just a little wider than stock because wheels bring in my width,
So i want as much travel etc as I can but keep it narrow enough for the GNCC course but using some configurations and setup trick so to spek
come ride with me i'll get you ready:banana:watch my vids
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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