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well after a little running around with the rhino ,
this winter i decided to add some half doors ( my neighbor gave me 21 feet of 3/8 rod ) that made my doors from me covered them with canvas just to keep out some snow and mud .

and ordered me a winch today a 3000lb milemarker from northern tool 200$
made my mounting bracket from some 1/4 inch steel plate and also a plow mount bracket .
so i'm slowly getting it to where i want it but am looking for some low end tourqe and power what could i do to get that . everything is stock on it .
am thinking of a k&n filter just some little things don't want to put alot of money in it i do mostly trail riding very little on the road so speed is not the most important thing but like the power :drive: .

so any help would be apprec. o greta masters of the rhino,

thanks in advance ,

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I've been plowing with Grizz 660 for 4 years at my retail business at 7500' in SW colorado. Using a Cycle Country County plow and it has worked great. No power problems at all.

I have a full cab enclosure from Cabelas on it and hand & thumb warmer.

Just ordered an 08 rhino and going to do the same thing.

I don't think you'll have any power problems. I live at 7800' and use the Grizz there also.
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