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Gauge Pod info??

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Is there a gauge pod on the market that mounts over the steering colum? Im looking for something with water temp, oil temp,voltage & 3" tach. I have seen a few with diamond plating & Auto Meter gauges I really like. But unsure of the manufactuer. Any info or link to a similar dash is much appreciated!! Thnx Johnnie!!
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Check out www.utvinc. I just ordered my kit the other day. Did not net the column mount for mine. I know they offer one that looks awesome. They are one of the site venders here. Awesome guys to deal with.

Here's the UTV Inc. gauge pod..........very cool design.
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I think black rhino performance has 1 too
i have the utv inc polished alum on the column and it is awesome i run 6 gauges total 3 on column and 3 on dash plate. the quality is second to none
Thanks for the info guy's!! I will be intouch with UTV Inc. asap. Look's like they make a variety of gauges & mounting hardware. I'm sure they can put something together for me I will be more than happy with!!
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