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Fuel tuner for stock 700 with Muzzy Duals?

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I have the opportunity to get a Muzzy dual exhaust setup for my 700 for a good price. The stock muffler is starting to rot and the end cap is ready to blow off, so the exhaust requires replacement anyway and I can get this gently used Muzzy cheaper than any stock replacement. The engine of my Rhino is totally stock aside from a clutch kit.
So my question is, which fuel controller is best to go with for a bone stock Rhino 700 with a Muzzy? I’m not looking to do anything in the way of cams or boring the cylinder or anything, overall I’m happy with performance of it the way it is, but a little extra power and sound and would be nice. I just don’t want to melt any pistons or make it run like crap with an aftermarket exhaust.
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