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I have laser cut gusset kits that weld on to rhino channeling to prevent arms from ripping out of channeling. Kit is made of 3/16" steel, and covers all the bases incl. big gusset from front channel to box tubing that goes up firewall behind dash. Very planned out kit to gusset more than just channeling. Reinforces a lot of things! $85 per kit (well spent)!!

Also have laser cut spindle gussets. Spindles are always bending, but i have some 3/8" thick gussets to weld to spindle to prevent bending or breaking.($30 pair)

Coming soon: rear diff bracket (tig welded) / laser cut ($ coming soon)

Coming soon: Laser cut/ Dimple Dyed a-arm channel "box in kit". Allows you to weld the channeling shut on your a-arm brackets to re-inforce frame of rhino. A must have if your ripping in your rhino. I drive like an animal!
($ coming soon).

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there are a few companies making gusset kits for the frames but nobody makes the gussets for the spindles,plus unless you weld them with the right proceedure and filler rod and preheat them and cool them carefully the crack all over....the frame gussets u can weld them anyway you can....but not spindles....cast is tricky
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