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All I can say is holy crap, why did I wait so long?

The dust shield that I received is a thin vinyl material. It looks to be much thinner than and is definitely not as stiff as the material in the video. It worked GREAT at keeping the dust out. It seemed to dampen the engine sound some too. It even blocked the heat a little.

The rear window that I bought is a plastic of some sort and attaches to the rear posts by velcro. It worked great at keeping the dust from swirling back into the cab from the back. Now all of the dust dumps into the bed. I am going to try rigging some kind of poles, maybe pvc, and mounting it to the rear of the bed and try attaching the window to it. if dust starts coming back in the cab again, I will try to rear windows one attached to the rear of the cab like this one is supposed to be and one.

If you don't have one, I highly recommend that you get one.
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