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FCR intake boots

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Ok guys just FCR 41mm carb wanted to know what intake boots do I run thanks
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I can make you one of our intakes to fit the FCR carb if you want one...

I don't have an FCR so you will have to give me some carb dimensions after you place the order but I will guarantee the fit...

It would be the same product and price as the hsr-45 but fitted for your carb...

Air Intake

Thanks for looking...
If my memory is correct we use an 06-09 TRX450 intake boot.

Alba Racing
The stock Rhino boot works great if you're using an FCR MX carb. The carbs that have boot issues are the Mikuni HSRs mainly. We remove the lip on the inside of the stock boot for use with 42 and 45 HSRs. When using a 48 HSR, we make a custom intake manifold and use a piece of silicone hose.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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