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Extra 660 keys.

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When I got my rhino 660. It only had one key, so off to eBay to find 3 or 4 keys. Guy was going to get them from. Has not gotten back to me on my question. Was in town yesterday, stopped by the hardware store to see about getting them. They did not have the blanks. But did tell me the locksmith has the blanks and at a good price.
So 3 miles to the Locksmith and 10 minutes. I had 3 cut keys and cheaper than Ebay. They only Charged $13.22 for 3 blanks and cutting them. Plus if they had not worked. Would do it again for free. Did not expect anyone to local to have these. Being I'm almost in the middle of nowhere. Just goes to show check local and find it cheaper.
Can't stand not having backup keeps for anything I drive.
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Good info - thanks for posting!
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Takes a special blank. I had many keys cut by a locksmith.
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