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Extended service warranty

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I was just curious, how many of you got an extended service warranty with your rhinos ? what did you guys pay for it and is it worth getting. I am fairly mechanical { rebuilt top end on my LTZ400 } as long as I got a good service manuel, but not sure on this, any info would be good. Thank everyone.
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mikef said:
I bought it ...... Primarily for the motor and CVT system .... but I kept all of my old parts when I did my upgrades. Then if it breaks I can put the old parts back on so they dont try to say that it is not covered due to my upgrades .....

I looked around and the best price that I could find was on Ebay .... A Yamaha Dealer had it listed for $ 539.00 ..... but before buying it from him I took the ad to my local dealer and they matched the price ......
Hmm interesting, how long is the warranty ?
You got a hell of deal. I just asked yamaha to quote me {over the internet from their site} the yes quote, and for the 4 year plan the quote was for $968.00 their 12 month plan was $616.00.
mikef said:
Yeah ..... they tried that sh!t on me too ......... But when I took him the ebay ad he didnt even hesitate to match the price ..... I thought that maybe I should of tried to get him to go lower ......
Is that ad on there regularly ? cuz im using it if it is I looked but couldnt find it could you post a link ?
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