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I got a bunch of axles in with a batch of parts I bought. Not sure exactly what they came out of but will list their lengths. Do not have a way to measure spline diameters at house.

3 axles measuring 22 1/4" in length, large splines on both ends, 2 of the axles are chromed, chrome peeling on the end of one of the axles.

4 axles measuring 22 3/8" in length. One end has a smaller splines with 23 splines on it.

1 axle measuring 24" in length, one end appears to be smaller in diameter with 18 splines.

1 axle measruing 24 7/8" in length, one end appears smaller in diameter with 18 splines.

2 axles that appear to measure 23 1/4" in length. Still have CV joints on them and cant get good overall measurement.

The axles all have some wear, but all appear to be useable. I can try to get more information on spline counts, diameter measurements and pictures for anyone interested. $20 per axle.
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