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Er-1 and Er-2 codes.... i need a little tech help

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So I have been through the whole wiring harness, even the bad ground to the right reverse light, checked all grounds in the mix, and hot wires also, and still managed to lose spark..... all the while chasing down the er-1 and sometimes the er-2 codes on the display. There are no shift lights, park brake light or 4x4 light show up either...... until I push the gas pedal half way and the throttle position sensor changes everything! Park and gear lights come on, 4x4 shows up and the er-1 code, check engine light and temperature light go away. And when I let off the gas pedal, keep in mind it's key on, not running, the check engine light comes back, temp light comes back, and the park and shift lights are there for good even if I release the brake and shift around to another gear. Now the new tps will be here tomorrow, and I will update on that then. Also, can anyone tell me what the ohm reading should be for the coil? And yes the coil is receiving 12.7 volts.
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Digging through the manual and finally found the specs for the ignition coil, so I will be ordering that tomorrow. Primary coil resistance is 2.16 to 2.64ohm @68° and secondary resistance is 8.64 to 12.96kohm.
Spark plug resistance is 10.0kohm
Crankshaft position sensor resistance/color is 459 to 561ohm on grey/black wires.
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