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Dynatek CDI info needed!!!!!

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Any body out there have any knowledge with Dynatek CDI's. I have a 2008 700fi. looking to get a CDI, is Dynatek any good? and is the Dynatek coil kit worth getting with the CDI? Any info will help, thanks....
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personally if i was going to buy new i would be buying the MSD, from what i hear the Dynatec is a hit or miss
the dynatek cdi has worked flawlessly on my 09 700. bought on here as a used demo a while back. i have no experience with their coil though, looks kinda spendy. the dynatek cdi is a simple plug and play unit with no adjustments to worry about. i think it gave the rhino a needed bump.
Had one on two different Rhino's and they worked great.
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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