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Digital Dash upgrade

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Before installing this digital dash on my 2004 Rhino 660. I had issues with the idiot lights on dash sometimes working and other times not. Also I had a blip in the gauge lights and the gauge needle readings. For days on end i traced wiring and replaced relays to no end with no answer to be found. I played elimination by disconnecting things like electric fuel pump and etc, finding no cause. So decided to go digital, which eliminated some wires plus the two blue relays. Checked all grounds and etc. Now everything is working great.
A digital dash gauge gives to you a much better picture as to whats going on, plus a couple additional features like two trip meters, speedometer, mileage, a better knowing as to what gear you got your Rhino in, whether its in 2 wheel drive, 4 wheel drive or 4 wheel lock. I highly reccomend if you don't have. Jerry Hill


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