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Danny G Checking In

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Lots of familar names here. Hello everybody! Wish I had the computer skills to post a pic of my Rhino. I need to go to the Mr. Offroad School of Picture Posting.
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Photobucket.com its easy.

Your RHino looks cool anyhow!! Saw it at the crash and at the Drags.
let me post some pics of DannyGs Awesome Rhino!

Good to see you here Danny! I noticed you havent been online much lately anywhere.
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Welcome :!: :D
Welcome, nice Rhino!!! :D
Sup DannyG, as always, the rhino looks sick!!!

I saw you won some free stuff at the Crash:)
WOTM said:

I saw you won some free stuff at the Crash:)
Yeah I saw you right before the raffle. Wild Bill was saying that we were all supposed to go on a ride together but I guess that plan got fouled up. Your rhino looks killer. Saw you spanking everyone at the drags.
Thanks Mr. Offroad. One day I'll figure out the picture thing.
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