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Chaparral Sale coming up

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So i remember some of you were interested in the Chaparral Sale when i mentioned it a couple of weeks ago. Well today they posted this on their site. The sale will be on October 1st. Personally, i don't know how many parts for rhinos that will be on sale, but all the other years that i have gone, i have gotten killer deals on parts for my bikes and quads.

Parking Lot Sale at Chaparral Motorsports
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exactly. people freakin camp out now it's not really worth it unless you exactly what you want....
get it straight I let you go, lol!!
haha!! speaking of we need to ride soon!
idk about the SSSS too much $ lol.

I'm hoping to make the guys ride. you "guys" need to set a date lol
larry your gonna got to surprise AZ?

its a badass biek track, nice dirt.
1 - 6 of 25 Posts
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