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Do you have a reality show idea based around your passion for off roading and the lifestyle you live?

Are you creative?
Do you think outside of the box?
Are you a character and willing to share your life for all to see?
Do you compete in any type of off road racing? (Not necessary)
Have a story that just needs telling?
No matter what gets you off road and outdoors
We want to hear all your ideas.
We are is looking for talented individual’s and personalities like yourself who may have an idea or want to star in an off road reality series based around off roading and the lifestyle we love.
If you have an idea or know someone who wants to be in reality show contact us with your pitch.
Guidelines for presenting ideas
• Video submittal: will be no more than 2:00 minute long describing your pitch idea.
• Written submittal: describe in 300 words or less your concept idea and why you think your idea will work for reality.
• Individual Casting Calls: individuals who think they have what it takes to be in an off road reality show must send a bio and a brief description about yourself and why you want to be a part of an off road reality show.

Email all submissions to:
[email protected]

Please submit all videos using

If you are selected we will contact you and discuss what the next step will be.

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go away

all this will do is negatively shine a light on stupid acting people involved in offroading-giving the treehuggers and democrats more negative reasons to close down more of our public lands to offroading....if you want drama and stupidity and people laughing and acting ignorant just broadcast the supreme court and congressional hearings that go on everyday across this nation!...go expose the welfare fraud issues across our nation with your talents, go expose the illegal immigration issues with your abilities, do something productive besides try to expose ignorant offroaders taring up wildlife and public lands...the truth is no matter how good your participants are the producer is going to want drama and fights and arguments as this is what todays tv viewers want, so all that produces is violence and screwed up views to influence folks...plain and simple,drama sells and thats what really you are looking for by fishing on this forum...

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Go find someone on the Polaris Forum. It would be entertaining to watch them constantly breaking down and being stranded out in the boonies, walking back to camp.
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