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Set of (4) Carlisle 489 tires, 2-ply, staggered so they're wider in back.
They fit 12-inch Rhino wheels, including stock/OEM Rhino wheels.
Lots of tread, they're nearly new with very little wear.

These tires are GREAT in the sand.
Search the forums, second only to paddles/smoothies for the sand.
Very light, and they squish nicely for a wide footprint/floatation.

They're also great for asphalt/street, lots of voids between the tread blocks so they're easy on CV joints when turning sharp.
It's a 12-psi tire, so they give a great ride as well.

These tires are NOT good for dirt/hardpack, that's not what they're designed for.
They're 2-ply tires, so not as puncture-resistant as something made for this type of terrain.

(2) 25x11-12
- rear tires
- one is nearly brand new, still has little rubber thingies sticking off of it
- other tire has about 100 miles on it, has a small patch on sidelwall but doesn't leak

(2) 25x10-12
- front tires
- about 200 miles on them

They retail for about $95 each.
I'd like to get $100 for the set...OBO

I'm not on here too much these days, if you're interested or have any questions, please email me at:
pronstarr (at) mac.com

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