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My problem- idles rough and then dies, motor bogs if given any gas, started doing this after last ride

2006 Rhino- 686 motor, gibson full exhaust, k&n air filter with snorkel, hunterworks cdi, dynojet kit installed

What Ive done so far- Fresh gas, installed new double clear fuel lines, fuel filter ,mikuni fuel pump, and new spark plug, replaced carb rubber intake on motor side, cleaned air filter and inside of carb, installed new needle valve, checked float, played with the jets and air/fuel mixture screw, Nothing works, IS this Carb Tuning related or something else? If tuning, what recommended jets and settings, I have a rutting rhino full jet kit not installed

I don't recognize you by your username and don't know when you bought your jet kit but if you email me I will help you fix it...
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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