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There are two primary performance characteristics of LED light bulbs that manufacturers use to price their LED's - Luminous output(brightness) & color temperature.
All LED light bulb manufacturers sort their bulbs for luminous output and color temp. after mass-production using a practice called "binning". Binning is complicated but in general terms, bulbs measured with the brightest luminous output & the most desirable color temperature are placed into a "bin". Each subsequent bin has lower performance ratings and/or less desirable color; until they get to the last bin with the lowest performance ratings.

Most important, the cost differential and LED quality from the highest rated bin to the lowest is significant. Example: the lowest Cree XPG model LED output bin has 20% fewer lumens per watt than the highest rated bin. To save money, many manufacturers of off-road lighting systems select from the cheaper, inferior LED bins; which produce vastly inferior results when compared to the same model LEDs from higher rated bins. Many off-road manufacturers marketing departments still claim the maximum theoretical lumens instead of what they are they are actually using.

Baja Designs only accepts bulbs from bins with the highest output bulbs and optimal color temperature for off-road.
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