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Im building a rhino for extream back country winter rescuse. i plan on using Litefoot tracks and and an off road trailer equiped with a litefoot tracks. im wondering if any one has any ideas on how i might improve cold weather starting and any thing else that I might need to spend a few days in sub zero temps and sholder deep snow.
-I was wondering if there are any clutch kits out there that will help with pulling large loads. ( i think its the same drive line a the Griz. )
- also would it be better to sick with stock susp. or go wide. and beaf up the rear to handle the load.
This is still in the design stage so ideas are very welcome
O i and plan on using the supercharging kit do to the fact that i will be above 11,000 feet!
here are some pics of things im planing on using.
Here are some pics of machines with litefoot tracks. the spray trailer is a bit over sized but you get the idea of what i want for my larger trailer

This is the type of trailer i plan on building i also want to build a longer one that can house a backboard and a paitent


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Those tracks are cool! My dad and his friends are extreme skiers, and he's considering getting a rhino and those cat tracks for shuttling skiers up to remote back country areas........ you shouldn't have any problems with traction, but I would find a way to widen the wheel base, considering you'll be running it on steep mountain grades........

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