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Are winches helpful in our daily life?

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I am here to know how the winches are helpful in our daily life Because I visit a site that gives me so much information about the winches. It is beneficial but I want suggestions from other people to make sure the site shows that winches are used in trucks and cars and bota etc. If you want to visit the site:heavydutyguide.com
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My winch is there only in case I need it. I haven't even used it yet.

I'm sure some people use one every day. All depends on why you have one.
I have had to use my winch 3 times in 1 year. They are useful when they are needed.
I use my machine for all kinds of work around my property. My winch has been a lifesaver on a number of occasions. Most notably when I had to recover washed out bridge materials out of a creekbed. I'll use it to pull large timber or debris out of an area that I can't access with the Rhino itself.
So on a work machine it's priceless. On a trail riding machine I could see using it for vehicle recovery as well. So overall, I'd say regardless of how you use your Rhino, It's always good to have a decent winch.
I can truthfully say that I've never been stuck in my Rhino...thanks to my winch! Plus about 50' of good tow rope in case there's not a nearby tree to hook up to!
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