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i am looking to buy a sheeve,belt and a billet air filter.can you send me some prices or just pm me. i ben to your shop twice and no one working there at the time could answer any of my questions. i also sent a email with no answer. so this will be my last try.

I am sorry you have had bad luck, who did you send an email to? Do you have a copy of it? I check my email 10000 times a day and answer my phone the 847846 times a day it rings.

As far as a package deal..

Are you wanting the complete sheave or just the sheave half? Belts are $109.95 abd they are OEM Yamaha. The billet intake adapter and filter are $89.95.

We can give you a RhinoForums.net user discount of 5% on your total purchase.

So $189.90 for the belt, intake adpater and uni filter.

The sheaves are $85 with core for half and $125 with core for complete.

There is your package.

Please give me a call or email or PM

- Nick
602.703.5754 ($811.00 phone bill to answer any ??'s you got) or [email protected]
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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