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Another Belt Issue

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After a mile or so run down the road the other day I pulled into the drive way and my fairly new OEM belt blew up on me. The belt probably has less than 100 miles and was a Yamaha 700 (on a 660). When I tried to pull the primary sheave off I noticed that the cam plate had spun slightly to the point where the splines were on top of each other. I had to use a hammer to rotate the cam plate before I could pull the sheave off. I put a new Yamaha 660 belt back on with a cam plate off of another sheave. Has anyone heard of a belt failing this quickly or the cam plate spinning on the shaft? The belt that failed had a fairly easy life. It seems like I go through belts to often. Could there be an issue in the sheave like maybe some slight wear on something that is causing the belts to slip some and thus getting hot? I still have an extended warranty so I going to try and get new sheaves out of Yamaha but don’t know if that will happen. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
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the 700 belt isn't the problem.

I see you have a 4 seater and 27" tires, does your belt slip alot? can you hear it?

I'm thinking the primary nut got loose and that why the cam plate spun.
when i bought my belt from yamaha....cuz i thought my belt was slipping and it turned out to be a bad wet clutch...anyway when i picked up the belt they guy behind the counter said "thats the first belt we have ever sold"...my old one was fine when i toor it apart....if you watch the yamaha video's on this clutch...that's one of there +'s....our belt is allways ingaged...unlike a snowmobile set-up that the belt is loose and then grabs with RPM's...so its not a belt problem...like dan said you got something messed up in there?...have you ever had both primary sheeves off?...is there a 1mm spacer in there?...the thickness of that cam plate is not much....without a 1mm shim you have room..for washer and nut with lock tite and impact gun it on....i bought a 1mm shim and it also came with a 0.5mm.....with none lots of room....1mm looks ok...1.5mm washers... and the cam plate is out at the edge?...real iffy?...so i only went with 1mm....so look in there?...the PO might have done something,,,Iffy in there or no lock tite
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I had to use the impact to get the primary sheave nut off so I know it was tight. It doesnt appear to be slipping but that is a possibilty. The belt looks like it is getting hot and flying to pieces. Could my air flow around the belt be restricted or could there be a belt slip at high speeds causing heat to build up?
do you have a cvt filter?

did you insect the weights inside the primary?

check operation with rhino running and cvt cover off rev upthe motor and watch the sheaves work, see if anything funky isgoing on
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