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I have been searching the internet for hours today, and on this site for a little bit too...

To start out. My rhino is an 06. It had a +4 kit on it, can't remember who it was made by but it is fully adjustable (heim joints at the frame mounting points). My buddy and I did a bunch of work to it, we remade new brackets at the frame to get the geometry correct and have the axles be the same angle as the arms (for some reason when I get it, it was binding up everywhere).

Along with making new brackets, we moved the mounting holes for the arms out about an inch or so. Thus making it somewhat of a +5 kit. And he had a bunch of tooling at his house to cut and spline his own axles. So we did that.... I didn't do too much thinking when this was going on, and he has since then sold all of his stuff to make axles.

I just broke both rear axles at the exact same time in the exact same spot. And I am looking for new axles. I know the measurements of what I need (on Monday I was going to start calling axle places). But I wanted to know what the measurements are out there for both left and right side rear axles for all of the different kits? I doubt that they are all exactly the same, but I could be wrong. From what I have been able to find, I have noticed that everything is about an inch longer than I need. And I do not want my axles bottoming out on suspension up travel. If anyone has measurements for axles I would greatly appreciate it. And if you have any for sale, let me know! Thanks and I hope everyone had a happy turkey day! And im sorry for the long story.
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