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So tonight I set out to change the rear pads and rotor on my 07 660. I jacked up the rear and turned the wheel to see where the grinding was coming from. Sure enough it was the pad. I go to the driver's side to get a better view and notice that the wheel feels loose. I check lugs, they are tight. I look at the axle nut and it is loose. So loose that it appears to only have a few threads left until disaster. I couldn't seem to find a socket to fit it, so that will wait until tomorrow.
Back to the brake. I am assuming that the pad holding bolts are the two that face forward and need to be removed with an allen wrench. Well, they wont budge. So I sprayed them with liquid wrench. They are soaking, and I am now having a beer. This is pretty much just a story, but if someone could answer 3 questions that would be nice too.

What size socket fits the axle nut?
Why are the brake pad bolts so friggin tight? Is there a trick to breaking them loose?
I can't find an actual manual that I can download and print. UTVCrap used to have one. Wellers had one, and longtravelindustries has one I can look at, but not save or print. Any other suggestions? If someone has the PDF they would email to [email protected] that would be great.

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