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My '06 660 speedo stopped working. Everything works on it, but it doesn't show speed, nor does it count mileage.

I got a used speed sensor that was supposed to be working. I have top end of motor apart right now, and waiting for machinist, so I thought I'd try fixing this while waiting.

I replaced the sensor and then I put it in neutral, tried to spin the tire around by hand as fast as I could, and it still showed zero. So then I put on my new speedo, tried same thing and it shows no speed.

Maybe spinning tire by hand won't show speed? i thought I'd see up to 5 mph. Does it need to be in gear to show speed?

Also, the new speedo comes with a new coolant sensor, and instructions tell you to replace the coolant sensor, and they also say to discard 2 blue relays under the battery box (no idea why??).

Could coolant sensor have anything at all to do with my speed not registering? Engine is apart due to blown head gasket and it was heating up.

Likewise for the 2 relays? It doesn't say to replace the relays, just says "discard" the 2 blue relays. The speedo stopped working right after we had a wire meltdown in the battery box, and I fixed the melted wire. I vaguely recall the melted wire was something to do with an aftermarket add on.

Maybe I have a lot of coincidences going on here. I'd like to isolate my problem.
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