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Just to inform you members on what I've found to be the differences from a grizzly 660 to a rhino 660 engine...Having owned both and have currently pulled them apart to compare them. To dispell the myth that they are exactly the same, here ya go..

1 different transmission gear set,rhino has lower gears in the transmission cluster
2 the middle drive gear shaft(middle driven)shaft on the grizzly is hollow for some reason,where a rhino middle driven shaft is solid and stronger
3 the oil filter adapter on a rhino has a locating pin boss casted into the case half to properly aline the adapter and hold it in place,grizzlys don't have this boss as they don't run an oil cooler from my knowledge.
4 the grizzly I tore apart had a smaller tapered through shaft through the motor, alot smaller in diameter than a rhino through shaft(don't know if later grizzlys went to a larger diameter shaft?)

so...those are the major differences, a higher gear ratio and smaller lighter duty through shaft and middle drive gear shafts....so if you think that a rhino transmission and middle drive gear assembly is weak, the decision is yours if u want to risk the smaller grizzly gearset and drive in a heavier vehichle(like a rhino) just an informative observation based on facts...
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