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660 Carb rhino usually starts missing when revving up to get the UTV moving

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Usually, after I start the UTV up and get it warmed up, I put it in gear and I push the accelerator down, it revs up and starts to move, but starts to miss fire and does not move. After trying several times, it finally moves and seems to run OK until I turn it off and start again. When I say usually, it is like 90% of the time. Trying to use reverse, it seems it almost never starts to move so I need to make sure that I do not get into a spot where I need reverse.

Also, lately, I have had to have the choke on to keep the engine running. Not sure if that is related or not.

Is there some sort of engine cutoff / safety type thing that may be preventing the UTV from moving?
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Having to use the choke to keep the engine running points to a dirty carburetor.

Clean the carb and let us know what happens...
In addition to above you may want to check your sheaves for proper operation. Pull the engine cover on the driver side. With the engine running and in neutral rev the engine and watch the rear sheave to ensure that as rpm increases the belt works its way to the top of the sheave - if it doesn't you'll need to service it. Please check YouTube for "how to" videos for your particular rig or go to Hunter Works.com - lots of informational videos on that site. Good luck.
check for vacuum leaks before you take carb apart.
If you have to use the choke to keep it running, your pilot jet is clogged.
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