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I have yet to post much but the time have come, this happened a while back but figured it would be worth a shot asking why it happened.

I use my rhino a lot for hauling wood, one day i was exploring and came to a crick, though no big deal this thing can go anywhere. well was going along and it got beep quick, i stuck the nose in testing the waters, it was getting deeper but i figured hell its just the front i was nowhere close to where the stock snorkels and air vents were. well i got the front end in just about till the water was above the front rims but my back end was safe for sure. the rhino just quit, no thinking about it, it just died. so i crank it a little and sounded to me there the fan thats built in to the engine that to me looks like it is designed to cool the exhaust was spinning in water. i wouldnt think that would stall out the rhino would it? i pulled it out of the water and it stated right up. no problem. took all the drain caps off and no water at all. so i sat there stumped and here i am asking for help to how this happend and how i can avoid it from happening again. thanks guys

09 rhino 450, digital gauge, k&n, Clutch kit, clutch sheve, jet kit, big gun exhaust and big gun rev box.
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