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40k Rhino

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Wow....80 mph! and it can be yours for just 40K

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Yea, that is Todd's Rhino, its SUPER SWEET!! There isnt another like it!

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Very nice...that alot of dough!
:eek2:Man I wish I had 40 grand laying around !
hahahahahaha....he told me the other day he was selling it.

this means i never have to work on that rhino again but there is always the next one he buys. its worth every penny. lots of time went in to building that rhino between him, kelly at KMS, painter, and myself.

its truely that fast. i'll be half way up comp hill. then todd would go easy through the woops and still kick me ass. on the street it gets to 70 with no problems at all....

in the end i'll miss driving it but time to build something new....
I'am sure it's a sweet machine, but for that kind of money it has to have a least one wing.
Isnt that the Rhino that had the air suspension setup?

Nice Rhino!

no that's the other one...he has two. one pretty much sits in the show room.
ill take $34000 for mine

:eek2: mine has way more than that and ill take 34k:eek2:
you sure about that?
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