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I'm looking to do some performance work on my 700 efi and I'm wondering what others have tried.

1st things 1st. I've been having some sluggish issues so the 1st thing i did was add an air fuel ratio gauge tapping into the stock O2 sensor. I have noticed while cruising through the woods maybe 15mph that the AFR will swing from a 13.1 up to a 16.5. Once it gets above a 14.1 i can feel it loose power. Driving slow in low gear ill notice the same and sometimes i have to push the gas peddle past 1/2 way just to get it to move so it feels real sluggish and having an AFR gauge on it i can see thats my biggest problem. If i unplug the O2 sensor then it just runs way to rich and sometimes floods the engine. I have replaced both wiring harnesses EFI & main harness, I have replaced ECU & central relay box, throttle position sensor, idle air control, MAP, engine temp sensor. so its all like new. I just purchased today the EJK fuel controller which i will let everyone know how well this works. Specifically the one for hisun 500/700 2011-2013. If i can get this thing to run around a 13.1 all the time then the power will be noticeably different.

My next question is in the clutch. I've been looking at buying a machined sheave with greasless roller weights but not sure what gram i should go with.

My current riding conditions are mainly slow riding with hill climbing. I mainly use it for hunting but occasionally hit some atv parks. My hunting land is somewhat hilly with wash outs so theres no fast riding just slow crawling. not on rocks just soft surfaces. I do have a 2" lift running 25" itp mudlites. I would like to build this clutch in a way so that when i go up to a 27" tire i dont have to mod the clutch again.

I'll attach some specs on the machine. I feel its close enough to a rhino that someone here could help me out some. I was thinking either JBS or Hunterworks but not sure if i go with 660 or 700 setup...

To get a better idea of my riding conditions please checkout the videos below on you tube. If you enjoy them then smash that thumbs up & subscribe as i plan on doing tons of videos this summer.

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:

Thanks for any help in advance and I'll let yall know how the EJK works.


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