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So I needed a new fuel tank for my 2006. It had a blown motor and was down for bit sitting outside before I had my shop built. So as I finally got around to fixing it back up, it has a lot of issues. I guess the tank got more sun than desired. One being the top of the fuel tank started to get cracks. And they were getting worse. So I looked into getting a replacement tank. All I found was almost $200. But 2009 tanks could be had for $69. So how much different can they be. I set off to find out. Basically the newer tanks accommodate for an electric fuel pump setup like most newer vehicles. Big hole in the tank. I proceeded to order up a used one and see if it would fit.

The newer tank is about 1.5" shorter and different in other ways. I didn't measure too much. I pushed it in there and it generally fit. The straps that hold it down are different and in slightly different locations. So I re-bent the front one and it just catches the inside hook. But the bolt hold down is off. So I went to the junk pile and found a small piece that would bolt to the original spot and drilled a new hole to screw the strap to it. The piece of metal is about an inch thick. The strap ends up being a little short after I re-bent it. You have to press down on the front just a tad to get it in there. I did not bother with a rear strap.


Then I had to figure a way to seal up the big hole in the top. I used the bottom of my original tank. Top was cracking an brittle, bottom was still very good plastic. I cut out a piece to cover the big hole.




I have an different fuel sender than some. I then cut a hole there and mounted it in the center of that panel I cut to cover the big hole.


Then I mounted the ring that holds the fuel pump in on top. I sealed it with black rtv.


I put the old style fuel pickup at the back just like the location on the 2006 tank. Actually mine is a newer billet replacement style. But still the old design. Just drilled a hole and put some screws. Sealed it with rtv as well.

I need to add a vent so the pressure doesn't build up in the tank. That required another trip to town, so I will add a pic of that later.

All is in and running. I did also replace the old stock vaccum pump with one of those Mukuni black ones. I was getting random non starts due to loss of prime on the old pump.

2009 tank installed in 2006 Rhino 660(800)
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