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2007 450 Rhino no spark

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My 2007 450 Rhino which I have owned since new, died in the middle of back dragging snow off my shop lot. It felt like a gas problem so I ordered and replaced the electric fuel pump, the old one was about 9 years old. That didn't fix the start so I dug deeper and read the manual to check the ignition coil, mine didn't test to specs so I ordered a new one. Got that replaced and still don't have any spark at the plug. I have a new ignition switch coming and just received a new stator and rectifier that I haven't tried replacing yet. I had the OEM cdi and put it back in but that didn't help me either. At a loss as to what could have caused my lack of spark while it had been running fine. Any suggestions for a cure will be greatly appreciated. FYI I have about 9000 miles on the unit.
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I'd be looking at the pulse (pickup) coil.
My kit from Caltric came with pulse pickup coil, stator and rectifier, I replaced all of those parts and am happy to report that the unit fired up and runs again. It is putting out 14.4 volts on the DC side. It doesn't seem to start up as easily as it did before but it starts and runs so I am happy, now to put all the pieces back in place.
You might want to load test your battery. It may be going bad from not getting fully charged with the old stuff that you replaced.
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