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I am trying to figure out what my noise is when I put my rhino in ANY gear. When I put my rhino in gear it makes a whining noise or high pitched squeal or maybe a chirping noise, I am not good at describing noises as you can tell. Also, it seems hard to go into gear and I have to sometimes move the shifter several times to catch the correct gear.
Sound is not occurring until it is put into gear and the sound is there from 0 to maximum speed. The transmission works flawlessly - No hesitation and no issues other than the noise. This sound was present before I had the engine totally rebuilt, both upper and lower.
I know the one way bearing was correctly installed because I can turn the cvt in a counter clockwise direction and it will not move in the clockwise direction. By the way the engine purrs like a kitten.
Is this noise common? I bought this ride about 3 years ago, of course used and other than this noise I love it.
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